POW Perspective 

{This 3D rendering detailing the daily walk from his cell to the prison’s bathroom was completed with the help of Bob Jeffreys, who spent time in Son Tay as a POW.}

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“As the youngest member of the Son Tay Raiders and with less than half of us still breathing, it is refreshing to see the story of Son Tay is being told with as much accuracy as possible. The Son Tay Raid illustrates how this country will go to any length to protect it’s warriors when in harm’s way.” | SSG Terry Buckler


“We had no problems going in. Coming out was a different story.”

Operation Kingpin lasted for just 27 heart-stopping minutes. 61 American prisoners of war were being held at the Son Tay Prison Camp just outside of Hanoi. For months, U.S. Special Forces gathered intelligence, made plans for rescuing the prisoners and trained meticulously for every contingency.

On November 21, 1970,  U.S. Special Forces soldiers and airmen executed a swift and stunning raid of the Son Tay prison camp with zero American casualties, while three Navy carriers executed the largest night carrier operation of the entire conflict to suppress the enemy air defenses.  Not a single prisoner was found. Despite this, the raid stands as one of the most significant operations in modern military history.

Kingpin: 27 Minutes at Son Tay is the true story of the Raiders the way the Raiders want it told; a thoughtful, compelling first-person account of the planning and execution of a never before attempted rescue mission into the heart of enemy territory.

To a man, every soldier knew that to be caught meant certain death. And yet, still they went.