Thanks to our generous partners, sponsors, and individual donors, we are well on our way to completing the film. But we aren’t there yet! We are proud to offer ongoing recognition, fundraising and investment opportunities for individual donors, NGOs, and corporations. Our unique position in the film making sector allows us to offer a charitable donation to support Operation Kingpin in addition to the traditional route of for-profit investment. Contact us for more information on supporting the film. 



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Forge Tactical // Tactical applications Group

Just a reminder, when you donate to our project via our GoFundMe or choose the traditional for profit route, funds go directly to capturing and producing the stories of the still-living raiders, preserving the events as they remember them.

Our ultimate goal is to honor these men, disdained by civilian peers as they returned from the humidity and horror of Vietnam. This film, this storytelling effort, elevating the experience, the voice, and the humble courage of these 56 raiders and the countless other service members engaged in their protection and success across the air and seas of south Asia – this is the way we say, “Thank you for your service.”